Shoot First Talk Later: The Photoshoot Podcast combines a super cool photoshoot and a podcast chat. Season one is now available on iTunes, and to celebrate I’m looking back at my favourite images from each episode.

First we do the shooting, and then we do the talking.

Episode 1: Shape History founder, Mike Buonaiuto and his pup Darcey.

“I never wanted to make a film. I wanted to create content to create change.”


Episode 2: Stand up comic, Tom Allen.

“I liked telling stories, and I like creating worlds and taking people on a bit of a yarn.”


Episode 3: Wayne Dhesi, founder of www.rucomingout.com.

“There’s always situations where I have to out myself.”


Episode 4: Lloyd & YaYa from travel blog, Hand Luggage Only.

“We want to show a more emotive experience of going to places.”


Episode 5: Stand up comic, Lou Sanders.

“I really hate that one label of kooky or mad. Everybody’s mad in a really boring way.”


Episode 6: Artist Joe Simpson.

“I wanted to make paintings that were referencing a lot of contemporary culture.”


Episode 7: Journalist Benjamin Butterworth.

“It wasn’t overwhelming because it felt right.” (On meeting his birth mother for the first time aged 22).


Check out season one via Apple Podcasts and see all the photoshoots right here

#SFTL will be back for season two very soon…