Shoot First Talk Later: The Photoshoot Podcast combines a super cool photoshoot and a podcast chat. Season two is now available on iTunes, and to celebrate I’m looking back at my favourite images from each episode.

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First we do the shooting, and then we do the talking.

Episode 8: Comedian/Tv presenter David Morgan

“Live performance is an addictive drug. If you do well, you can come off stage and you can fly home.”


Episode 9: Music photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes

“It annoys me with certain people in the industry who seem to forget where they’ve come from…it would be nice not to work for free initially, its just one of the things you have to do. I wish people would stop complaining.”


Episode 10: Comedian / Actor Scott Capurro

“Some people get offended because they don’t understand the joke.”


Episode 11: Actor/politician Lord Michael Cashman CBE

‘We weren’t setting up Stonewall to be liked, we were setting up Stonewall to get a job done. To convince politicians that they had to take on board issues of equality.”


Episode 11: Holocaust survivor Gena Turgel and her daughter Hilary Tash

“The people who went through [the holocaust], never forget. The people who only read about it, their memories are very bad. They forget.”


Episode 13: Boxing promotor / trans activist Kellie Maloney

‘Kellie was developing more. I was planning on disappearing. Leaving X amount for Tracey [wife] and the girls and actually just going to Thailand and just living there and having my operation there’


That’s all for now, #SFTL will be back for season three very soon… we’ll shoot you later!